About Us

Welcome to Arch & Ted, your go-to online store for all things children's and babies' essentials. We're a small family business located in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by our three amazing sons, they are the driving force behind our passion for creating Arch & Ted. 

At Arch & Ted, we've curated a collection that is both fun and functional, ensuring that your littlest loves have a magical and memorable childhood. Our collections span across the globe, bringing you the best from near and far - from our own beautiful backyard Australia to the stylish designs of Denmark and the vibrant energy of Barcelona. We hope you feel the same excitement and love for our collections as we do, and that you find that something special that brings laughter, fun, and joyful memories into your home.

Behind the scenes, we have an incredible team that helps to bring our vision to life. We are forever grateful for their dedication and passion.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey. We're delighted to have you visit our site, and we look forward to helping you create magical moments for your littlest loves.

Coral + The Arch & Ted Team